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Jan. 25th, 2011 @ 09:48 am [OOC] A Year with the Clan of Keli
Hey, everyone! I know it's late (for a New Years project), but I thought I'd do a short review of 2010 in the Clan of Keli - in pictures! :D I didn't start using this blog until March of 2010, so here goes!

March, 2010 - Keleili, Matriarch of the Clan of Keli. All dressed up and no where to go!

April, 2010 - Noblegarden time! Look, I'm a bunny! Keleili and Olorin continue their quest for the Violet Proto-drake.

May, 2010 - Keleili rescues Sharpbeak and finishes several other iconic quests.

June, 2010 - Turning her attention to Outlands, Keleili finishes her Netherdrake rep, and her Loremaster achievement.

July, 2010 - Having at last found a guild to call home, Keleili and the Syndicate prepare to take on Sindragosa, queen of the frost wyrms.

August, 2010 - Just a few weeks later, Keleili and Syndicate stand victorious over the Lich King's Throne.

October, 2010 - In the meantime, a new star is rising. Tiella, the frost mage, would soon surpass Keleili as the Clan of Keli raider.

November, 2010 - Meanwhile, Kelidara is working hard to become the tank she always wanted to be.

December, 2010 - With the Shattering, new opportunities open up and Tiella quickly works her way to the elite 85s, joining Syndicate for their first guild heroic - Throne of Tides.

So much has happened in a year! What adventures await the Clan in 2011? We'll just have to find out!
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