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clanofkeli's Journal

The Clan of the Kelis
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A Day in the Life of a Keli Clan Sister!
"I have so many alts, that I name them all 'Keli' so you can tell which ones are me."

Welcome to the Clan of Keli!

In the distant world of Azeroth, there is a special clan of heroes. These heroes hail from all corners of the world. They support both Horde and Alliance and make up a multitude of races and classes. Some members of this unique clan are friends, companions, even sisters. Others have never met. But they all have one thing in common. They are all members of the Clan of Keli.

This journal is a continuation of the Clan of Keli blog at http://clanofkeli.blogspot.com/. It is devoted to the Clan of Keli, and also to their friends, guildies and companions. Most of these posts will be roleplay and journal-istic in nature. Others will involve more technical aspects of the World of Warcraft, such as the eternal search for the perfect UI. Everyone is welcome to come join us as we explore life, love and adventure in the great wide world of Azeroth!

Current Clan-sisters of Khadgar (Alliance):
Keleili (80 Human Discipline Priest)
Kelidara (80 Human Deathknight)
Keliki (70s Nightelf Feral Druid)
Kelirien (60s Nightelf Hunter)
Keleina (70s Draenai Shaman)
Kelissa (40s Nightelf Warrior)
Kelisse (10s Gnome Warlock)
Kelitty (10s Gnome Mage)
Keledine (10s Human Paladin)

Current Clan-sisters of Shadow Council (Horde):
Kelidara (50s Bloodelf Deathknight)
Keleili (30s Bloodelf Priest)
Kelirien (30s Bloodelf Hunter)