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Jan. 13th, 2011 @ 12:03 pm [RP] Stranded!

This morning, I came across a Breakfast Topic by WoW Insider that intrigued me. I shared it with wow_ladies , which was fun. And reading their responses put me in the mood to write a little fanfaction. So, here it is. This is also a challenge! You don't have to write a story like I did, but take this question and answer it in your own LJ, or feel free to comment here.

You are stuck on an island. There is plenty of food, water, and shelter to survive. However, it's all in very basic form; there is no cup of never-ending chicken soup or fancy hotel. I hope you like bananas, and don't mind the rain. Now, in this scenario, there was one person who survived the cruise with you!

Here is where you come in to making this scenario. Name one person from Warcraft lore or an NPC from in game that you survived the wreck with. Did you manage to survive with
Garrosh Hellscream? You could spend your time wrestling and training until you are rescued! Maybe Kael'thas Sunstrider, so you would have someone who would never, ever, ever, ever tire of talking. Or perhaps you would like to have that bread vendor from Ironforge, to supplement your diet of bananas. So who would you bring and why? (By the way, if you bring a mage, no portal or teleport runes were recovered from the wreck. No cheating!)
-WoW Insider

My answer: Anduin Wrynn

The sun was fierce as it beat down on the white sand, the surf pounding the shore at the edge of the short beach. A few palm trees rose up out of the coral rock that lay just beneath the sand, but the shade they offered was narrow and ineffective. My companion sat with his back against one of the palm trunks, his left arm held securely in a sling. The broken bones had been knit together with his own divine spells, and he would no doubt be fully recovered soon. Already, the handsome young man that he had grown into was restless, frowning in thought as he shifted in his spot.

I stood, hands on my hips, and looked out over the ocean. I could hardly believe the situation that fate had thrown me into - to be shipwrecked on an island with this one person as my sole companion. I respected him as a boy, a person, and a follower of the Light. But this tiny sandy shore was a long way from his castle on the hill, where every need was provided to him before he could ask for it. Now was the test. Would he become a man of inner strength or a prince to be coddled?

From the stories I'd heard of him, and from what I'd already seen, I suspected it would be the former. I hoped I was right.

"We'll need food, and water."

Anduin's words pulled me from my thoughts and I glanced down at him, then turned my gaze back to the sea. "That shouldn't be too much of an issue. We can eat my cake until we find something better."

"You're a mage?" Anduin looked surprised, but I was impressed how quickly he made that deduction.

"Born and bred," I agreed with a nod. Then I continued, "My first worry is shelter. This sun is brutal. We need better shade than this." I was already considering my options. "We should be able to use some of that driftwood for the frame, And palm leaves for the roof. It won't hold up in a storm, but it's better than nothing."

Before Anduin could answer, I got to work. The drift wood was easy to collect, but once I had it, I realized we didn't have any nails or rope to connect the wood together in a semi-solid structure. In the end, all I was able to design was a shoddy triangle frame. Then came the palm leaves. It wasn't easy to climb a palm tree in mage robes, but I did my best. I managed to get to the bottom row of leaves and yanked several free, dropping them to the ground. I caught a glance of Anduin picking them up as they fell - apparently he was already feeling better. As I climbed higher to get at more leaves, the rough trunk dug into my palms, making me grimace. But it wasn't until I got a foot caught on the hem of my robes that I slipped. I tried to recover, but the sharp pains in my palms and the extra weight of my still-damp robes worked against me and I soon found myself plummeting the 10 feet to the ground.

"Slow fa- oof!"

I landed harmlessly on a cushioned surface, then slowly drifted the last few inches to the sand. Immediately, Anduin was leaning over me, offering his hand. "Are you alright?" He looked worried, but I sat up and dusted myself off.

"Yeah. Thanks to you." I accepted his hand and let him help me to my feet. "That was a well-timed levitate. I owe you one."

Anduin gave me an embarrassed grin, "Don't mention it." He glanced at my impromptu shelter an odd look. "It doesn't look like much."

He was right. The drift wood was tilting and the leaves sagged over the top. I sighed. "They didn't teach 'Stranded Island Survival' in mage school. But it provides a little more shade than we had before." 'A little' being the key words. It wouldn't do much, but I was afraid it was all we had. "Heat shouldn't be a problem," I continued. "I can create a campfire at night and we can sleep on the beach. This shelter is only to keep the sun from burning us to a crisp during the hottest part of the day."

Anduin glanced at me, one eyebrow arched, "Are you sure, they didn't teach you survival? You sure know a lot."

It was my turn to be embarrassed and I blushed. "I know the elements. And I've seen the world. From Northrend to Silithus and Uldum... you pick up some things."

"I'll bet you have stories to tell, as well," Anduin replied, settling down under the shelter. I hesitated, then sat down as well.

"A few," I admitted. "My sisters have seen more than I have." Then I shook my head, "I'm sure you don't want to hear about me. I'm just a common adventurer."

Anduin snorted with a grin, "And I'm a coddled prince, with no worries, no cares, no responsibilities." I couldn't help blanching and looking away, trying to disguise my discomfort by staring out at the ocean as if finding it completely fascinating. Had he heard my thoughts earlier? Whether he noticed my reaction or not, Anduin continued, "Do you know how frustrating it is sometimes? I can't go anywhere without body guards, and everyone's always expecting great things from me."

I couldn't help glancing back at my companion. "From the rumors I've heard, you've done pretty well. Maybe they expect great things because they know you have the potential for greatness."

"You sound like my tutors," the prince accused and I chuckled.

"My apologies, your highness."

For my cheek, I got a glare: "I'm not even going to respond to that." I laughed, and Anduin's expression softened. It seemed we had reached an understanding. "At any rate," he continued, changing the subject, "there's no telling how long it will be before someone finds us. I was thinking perhaps some story telling could help stave off the worry and the boredom."

I couldn't argue with the prince's logic, so I agreed. For the next couple hours - or so I guessed based on the movement of the shadows we had huddled in - we traded stories of our adventures. I had been correct in suspecting that Anduin had experienced his share, and he had plenty of stories to tell. Later that evening, as the sun was just beginning to set to our right, I built up a campfire out of the smaller pieces of dried driftwood and we enjoyed a grand feast of bananas, coconut and mage cake.

As we ate, I found myself staring out at the sea again, until Anduin nudged me. "A silver for your thoughts?"

I blinked, surprised. "They aren't worth but a copper or two, your highness." Anduin sensed my teasing tone and only rolled his eyes, then waited for me to continue. "I'm just trying to figure out the best way to catch some fish," I replied, finally. "We might be able to use some bananas as bait, but... what to use for the hook? Or line? Or pole?"

Anduin took another bite of banana as he considered the dilemma. "We might be surprised what kind of trash is around here, washed up from the sea. We should go exploring tomorrow."

I agreed and finished off the coconut before leaning back to stare up at the sky. The heavenly canopy was a rainbow of colors from the golden orb at the west through reds and oranges to a pale blue and finally a deepening turquoise against the eastern horizon. It was a clear sky, and the stars would be brilliant once the sun set. Already, the air had cooled and a soft breeze coming off the ocean made the warm temperatures almost bearable. If I closed my eyes, I could almost imagine I was camping with my sisters on the Zoram shore rather than stranded on a distant island with the Royal Prince of Stormwind. And it was with that final thought that I fell asleep.

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